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The Hold

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The Hold


The Hold from Dancing Moose in Rotorua is a very effective system for bike packing.

Like on a boat one loads the heavy stuff first to keep the weight as low as possible. Cooking kit, fuel and utensils such as mugs are stored as low as possible to minimize effecting handling when tackling tricky single track.

The Hold is custom made to utilize the space in the frame to the maximum. This makes getting one a bit more of a project, but the result is a very good thing. As you can see in the picture of the Nzo Surly Krampus, The Hold is configured to get as much stuff as can be fitted into the frame triangle stowed securely. The Hold sits tight because the fit is right.

– Custom made to fit your frame
– Division in middle which can be opened up to provide one large compartment
– Extra padding to bottom and rear protect bottom tube and seat post from hard objects inside.
– Contact us for more details on how we will get your Hold to fit. Turnaround once we get your bike's dimensions sorted out is two weeks. The upside of that custom made process is you can ask about variant colour schemes.

Designed and made in Rotorua, New Zealand by Dancing Moose