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Endorphrenology T Shirt

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Endorphrenology T Shirt


Apparently, if you could see inside the cranium, the brain is divided into sections for thinking up stuff, deciding what to eat, and how to tie shoelaces. These areas are discreet and may light up when activated. So thought the Phrenologists. Mountain bikers use the brains mainly for deciding where to ride, and in what order, then they shut their thinking glands down until they get back to the carpark. Or so it seems. Endorphins are produced, brain feels strangely good, repeat as necessary.

This print is black and heaps of colours, so it will look rad on almost any colour T except real dark ones, take your pick.

If you need a size we don't offer, or a womens cut, drop us a line at info@nzoactive.com and we will see what we can do. If you do ask for something special, choose your size carefully, we don't do returns on customised prints.

This design is printed 'on demand' especially for you, so it will take an extra day to get to you. If you have ordered something else on the same order, it may come in a separate parcel.

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