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This is the latest version of our most popular design. Made in small batches, they are checked and double checked throughout the production process to make sure they will provide the comfort and durability they are famous for.
The centre section and back yoke are made of Nzonium, our stretch knit wonder fabric. The side panels are a fabric we call NzoFlex, a quick dry polyester which is light and very strong, but also has oodles of four way stretch. NzoFlex adds a whole lot of extra comfort to an already well-engineered design. It has a tough outer surface of a very close-woven finish, with a softer moisture wicking finish on the inside. Open pockets are positioned so they are folded closed when you are riding, and secure zip pockets on both sides position any freight low and to the back of the leg, where it is least likely to be annoying. The pockets are lined with mesh, so can be used as vents if you prefer. Drawstring elastic waist is simple but good when it comes to riding functionality.
A fleece pad makes them work “commando style”, or you can wear them with anything from sports undies to Cruiseliners, depending how far you are planning to go. Dobies are black with carbon stitching. Dobies are a unisex short. Read what reviewers had to say here. Please check the Fitting Guide below, we have reset our fitting measurements for this product.

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