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Sifters are our all-day every day street / trail shorts, and the latest version of this design is even better than before.

Sifters are built to live in 24/7, but when you go bike riding they really shine. The new NzoFlex fabric we use is lightweight but tough with generous four-way stretch. The fabric has a very soft texture on the inside, and a durable abrasion resistant finish on the outside. A seamless crotch gusset allows freedom of movement for pedalling. The NzoRib knit panel has a huge capacity to stretch in the vertical plane, but is very stable horizontally. The NzoRib panel at the back sneaks down the sides of the garment to a reinforced junction right where you fold to get into your riding position.
Hand pockets are positioned to fold flat when you are riding, two side zip pockets on the leg are big enough for a phone, keys, a shuttle or lift pass and a bar or two. The zip pockets are positioned so that cargo hangs low and to the back of your leg, basically out of the way. The zip pockets are lined with mesh so they will double as vents if that is what you like.

We have introduced new and improved dome waist closures in 2017.

The Sifters come in black with carbon stitching.

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