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Comment: Hi Gaz and Glen
Recieved my 2012 Dobies/Cruiseliner Deluxe combo on Tuesday and Christened them both the next day (yesterday) on a wet and wild night ride at the Woodhill mountain bike park in Auckland.
Verdict: sweet as!!!
So much more comfortable combination than I have been using, which was either a bib-short or full roady shorts under baggy MTB shorts. Cruiseliner Deluxes' rock - no tangling up with the Dobies (or the undercarriage!). I was worried about the lightweight and supple fabric of the Dobies on first inspection, but they soon proved themselves under heavy fire. To be honest, I didn't really notice my shorts at all during 2 hours of riding through muck and puddles. Neither garment gave a damn about the wet or the mud/sand combo thrown at them. I was also rapt with the unexpected bonus feature - run a bit of clean water on the Dobies and the crap falls off like their made of Teflon (I hope that feature of the material has longevity!).
Cheers from your new customer.




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