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At last! New Nzo products!




News you already know: Nzo has been out of stock of the mountain bike shorts that are our key products since earlier this year. Last summer was better than expected, opening the Nzo / Ride Central shop doubled the demand for Nzo products, and our manufacturers could not expand to meet the demand. Sad times for all of us.

News you may have guessed: Finding a great manufacturer, keen to learn about our way of making things, turns out to be a mission.

We started out determined that the range Nzo offers next must be better - better materials, better trims, better construction, and more variety.

And all this from a supplier willing to make products in small batches.

From a manufacturer’s point of view, putting in the effort to get up to speed with Nzo products is a risk: many will say ‘no’ if they think our orders are too small. From Nzo’s point of view, smaller batches means better quality control, and producing fewer products more often gives us a better chance of keeping more items in stock.

Lesson learned from last season: we also need prospective partners to be future-proof. Well, as future-proof as possible. We are not sure we could take another period of answering enquiries with yeah, nah.

At last, some really exciting news you haven’t heard: our long search for the right manufacturing partner is over, and Nzo’s new product is underway!

After many bundles of samples going back and forth, and lots of dead-ends, we found ourselves talking to a team with bike riders in charge. Serious bike riders, who were already making serious, top quality bike gear.

We liked what they do, but more importantly, they liked what we do.

So we decided to do it together!

There will be fresh versions of our flagship Dobies and Siftersearly in the new year, with updated Cruiseliners to go under them.

More new products will arrive in March, and an expanded range will be launched soon after that. We have cool stuff to tell you about that new range, but we will save that for future broadcasts.

In further news, customisable Nzo Ts and Hoodies make awesome and unique stocking stuffers.




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