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Bike Addiction




Lately I have been thinking about bike addiction.

It’s been a long time since I have trained for anything, my motto is “Ride Enough to Ride Enough”. By which I mean, I need to ride enough to be fit enough to ride enough.

Last time I ‘trained’ for anything specific was aeons ago, and when I did I had a coach. One of his pearls of wisdom was to do a little and often.

When mountain biking started I was young-ish, and could ignore this sage advice. I could go forth on a fortnightly basis and smash myself into submission. As the years went by I didn’t get much better at mountain biking, but I did slowly figure out that the old coach was correct: two or three rides a week is much better than trying to cram a week of pent-up bike riding demand into a suitable Sunday afternoon. A time comes when an attempt to do that simply doesn’t work. An hour in, it’s over.

So, a decent blat on the weekend and at least one ride midweek, bare minimum.

But then circumstances allow several midweek rides. And sometimes two on the weekend. That becomes normal, and if things change and that rate can’t be managed, I get very itchy very quickly.

I have just finished my annual bout with our son. He comes to town and wants to ride every day for three weeks, sort of like the Tour de France, only at 13kph, on dirt, with skids.

This year, for the first time ever, I survived without coming down with the flu. I guess my every-other-day riding habit allowed for an every day bash, with two days off for good behaviour (and bad weather).

Now he’s gone home, and I admit that for the first 48 hours I was moving slow, and not actually on a bike at all. But then, three days in a row I have been back at it.

And it felt about right.

My question is, at what point have we had enough? I wake up with sore legs, thinking about where I can go today.

In fact, even though I aim for 500 words when I am writing these things, if I stop typing now I can probably fit in a lap of Paradise Valley before it gets too dark.




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