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Nzo were one of the first cycle companies to separate the baggy outer short from the inner. While this is now a reasonably common way to create a baggy short, Nzo arguably know it better than most.

The Sifters is a casually styled outer-short that wouldn’t look out of place just walking down the street. A slim, yet non-restrictive cut leads to a comfortable ride without excess material flapping in the wind.

A stretch panel at the bum that extends to the side of the hips keeps the shorts in place and provides enough movement to never feel restrictive. The shorts feature two main pockets and a third zippered pocket on the leg. Each pocket was generously sized and caused no problems with affecting pedalling motion.

We found the sizing on the tighter side of things, our tester normally wears a small, or 30” waist pant and the small was on the too-small side of things. Just be sure to check out Nzo’s sizing chart to avoid this mistake and size up if in doubt - the velcro pull-tabs will take care of the rest.

The Sifters are fastened by a zipper and a push-button. With our test rider pushing the boundaries of the size, the fastener did accidently pop open, however, this wouldn’t happen if the shorts were the right size.

The Sifters are an outer-short only and so it’s BYO for the inner-short. We tested the Sifters with Nzo’s own Cruiseliner DeLuxe (AU$39), a basic inner short designed to be worn underneath your favourite baggies. The Cruiseliner features a basic chamois and breathable construction to fit like a comfy pair of undies. In conjunction with the Sifters, they make a great match and were comfortable for all-day rides.

We were even more comfortable using our favourite bibs underneath, but this combination is hotter and of course far more expensive.

After a few months of testing and having known other riders to use the same pair for years, we have nothing but praise for the durability. The Sifters are a quality short that were as comfortable at the coffee shop as they were on the trail. Our only gripe? If you don’t already own an appropriate inner short, the price may be prohibitive.




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