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Built with epic advenutres in mind and a passion for making bikes better  - Trek is a brand we're proud to ride and reccomend. 

With our factory racing grom and Trek ambassador Jenna Hastings standing on top of the podium at the most recent 2W Enduro. We thought we better throw the spotlight onto the bike she rode to glory. Featuring a stout 150mm of travel, built around 27.5" inch wheels and agressive geometry, the Remedy is optimised for technical trail shredding. 

If you're lucky you might even catch a glimpse of it flying past you on the trails underneath one of our ambassadors: Cati Pearson, Jenna Hastings, Caleb Marriner, Toby Carr or Ollie Martelli. Who all ride and race their Trek Remedy's - if you can't beat them, join them! 

 But, don't just take our word for it - we've got a comprehensive fleet of Trek demo bikes in store waiting for you to take them on a ride.


P.S - Check out the 'coolest' mountain bike clip ever, as Cam McCaul and Casey Brown cut some chapes in the powder on Corbet's Couloir ski run. 







Born in British Columbia, Norco are blessed to have one of the worlds best testing grounds on their doorstep. Designed to tame the gnarliest terrain and provide endless enjoyment - we're stoked to be able to ride our Norco's on our home trails. 


Because Patrik is over the moon excited to get his hands on his new Norco Sight C9.1 we thought we better do a feature on this sweet ride. 29"inch wheels are perfectly matched with 130/140mm of Fox  suspension to make this one of the most versatile trail killing machines on the hill.

Pinkbike's take was - "With the Sight, there's only one thing you really need to remember: this bike is all about fun. Uphill, downhill, and everything in between, the Sight is an all-mountain bike in the truest sense, with the right angles and parts for it to excel almost anywhere" and we couldn't agree more.


Drop in and check them out some time, or get us chatting about the rest of Norco's fleet. We'd be stoked to help you get aboard one in preperation for a big summer of riding. 


Kinter sight





Passion, commitment, 29'ers only - Niner are leading the big wheel revolution with their own California/Colorado boutique flare. Embracing adventure, Niner's whole fleet is crafted with epic trails on the mind and that's definitely a lifestyle we can get behind.


Designed to be one of the most versatile bike on the trails, the JET 9 RDO is a true fan favourite. Featuring the same carbon fibre makeup as Niner's race winning XC bikes, the JET 9 RDO is light and stiff enough to keep you floating up climbs all day long. While 120mm of rear travel and modern day geometry ensure this bike is more than capable of flying over your favoutie trail. 


Make sure to get Karen and Craig talking about their personal JET's - I can almost guarantee you'll learn a new superlative, and have them grinning from ear to ear in no time as they relive their last epic ride aborad the JET. Plus if you're lucky they might even let you test ride their bike... That is if Ruby isn't already out in the forest aboard Karen's.



Jet 9





Missions with friends and family is at the core of what we're all about, so it's no wonder that we've been big proponents of the gravel/touring lifestyle. Having the freedom to ride wherever whenever, purely for the sense of adventue and achievement is getting back to the roots of cycling and why we fell in love with the sport. Some of our fondest memories were made on our bikes in the middle of nowhere New Zealand, so it's been a pleasure for us to custom build a number of bikes for friends of the store to start creating their own memories and adventures. 


One of our favourite projects at the moment is the custom build of a 'Soma Juicy' for Ray Lichtwark. Who on the 26th of February will depart on an adventure that spans the length of the country. Ray will be the oldest competitor to take on the challenge of riding the Tour of Aotearoa where he is not only riding for a personal sense of accomplishment, but also raising funds for Kids Can - Needless to say it's a project we're proud to be behind! To join the journey for yourself, like 'Rays Tour of Aotearoa' and keep tabs on how the adventure is progressing.




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