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Pimp My Ride


Absolute Black Oval Rings

Even the worlds best riders don't produce power evenly around the pedal stroke, so ditch those round chainrings and join the oval revolution. Oval chainrings maximise the part of the pedal stroke where power is produced and minimise resistance where it isn't. Oval chainrings make the spin cycle smoother and transfer torque to your rear wheel more efficiently. It's pretty complicated, but all you need to know is that your legs will feel fresher on the climbs and you'll have more traction out back - sounds like a win, win to me. 



ENVE Riser Bar

Enve know what they're doing when it comes to carbon fibre, so when they set out to create a bar that had the best possible combination of width, comfort and responsiveness we knew that we'd end up with a bar that would deliver the ultimate ride experience. The Enve 'Mountain RSR' bar comes in 760mm wide and is ready to increase your ride quality. 



Deity Copperhead Stem

Fighting from the black, silver, orange, blue, red, green or purple corner - weighing in at 135gms with the reach advantage of 35mm, 50mm or 65mm and 0 recorded failures. The Deity Copperhead is your ultimate featherweight fighter that packs a punch stronger than any other stem on the market. 




FOX Transfer Post

Give your bike that buttery smooth Kashima coat treatment with the latest and greatest Fox Transfer dropper post. Low force cable actuation increases relaibility, slickness and ease of adjustment as well as providing the option to use 2 different remote configurations. Available in 30.9 or 31.6mm diameters with 100, 125 or 150mm drop options and internal or external routing - there's a Transfer post to add street cred to almost any bike. 


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