What's happened to the Nzo website!?

About 5 months ago we relocated all our stock to the back of a bike shop in Rotorua.

The shop was called Nzo/Ride Central, and it has been Nzo’s only bricks & mortar outlet on earth for the last ten years. The Corbett family, who own the shop, gave us carte blanche to re-design their shop when we got into this arrangement, and the job they did is fantastic. 

There are multiple benefits to this arrangement for everybody concerned. 

The shop provides a place where people can see and touch our products - good for Nzo, good for people. 

It’s a bike shop, therefore we love hanging out there. All the people involved in the shop are keen riders, and the combined experience of the shop staff can be measured in centuries. There is always something to talk about. 

We also run the information website riderotorua.com. The maps we created for the website are reproduced really big on the wall of the shop. A lot of people wander in looking for directions, and walking them through the trails is fun. We love giving out information, so we have re-branded the shop as RideRotorua.

Coming back to our opening sentence about shipping from the back of a bike shop: We decided to join forces with the shop and ship from there. There are benefits all round there too: Nzo gets help with getting everything done, and the shop gets a despatch operation that is set up to deliver.

That got us thinking, and we have decided to collaborate further. We have put together a curated line of bike related products from the shop to offer online alongside the Nzo products.

We are proud to announce the launch of the website riderotoruastore.com - with all the Nzo products and plenty of gear for bikes and their riders.

The nzoactive.com site has been rejigged too, to offer in-depth information about products and keep you up-to-date with what we are up to. 

Thanks for staying in our loop, and keep an eye on this space...we are really looking forward to what comes next.


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