Every order plants a tree!

We are excited to be teaming up with Rotorua organisation TipuWai to plant native trees on behalf of our customers! We have been thinking about ways to offset the environmental costs of what we do at Nzo.

We start by always doing our best to make a product that will go the distance. But sometimes that distance is pretty decent before you have even tried the product on! Fabric and components move from factory to factory, finished goods move from factory to Nzo, and individual orders move from Nzo to our customer.

There are many cookie-cutter plug-ins available that enable carbon offset at checkout, but we decided to keep it local and personal. TipuWai is run by riding mates of ours, and their goals align with our own. So every Nzo order will plant a tree, at no extra cost to you. We will finance the tree, and personally go out and plant it. All the trees are locally sourced native species planted to help regenerate and protect the health of waterways from where we live on the volcanic plateau down to the sea.

We are not saying planting a tree absolves anybody of responsibility for their carbon footprint, but we think it is a positive step. And we like that we can go and see how the trees we are helping with are getting along. Once they are big enough to show up in a photo, we will share!


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