Nzo's Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday week! Well, we think it is.

A quick wiki confirmed Black Friday as any Friday that falls on the thirteenth of the month. Apparently there is always one per year, but some unfortunate years have up to three.

We consulted our calendar and came away confused - November the thirteenth was a Saturday, and a couple of weeks ago.

But we are still pretty sure it’s Black Friday week because we have an email inbox and a physical letterbox bulging with messages saying it is, and weirdly, the only people really into it seem to be retailers. Several hundred retailers can’t be wrong.

So we re-examined our wiki and discovered there is a long list of Black Fridays, any one of which could be celebrated tomorrow.

In 1873 the Vienna Stock Exchange crashed on Black Friday. Can’t see your local hardware store remembering to mark that date.

A perfect storm hit Lake Erie in 1916, and sank four ships. On Black Friday, in this case October 20. No mention of that in any of the emails we have received.

1939’s Black Friday was when the Italians invaded Albania. Again, interesting, but not something likely to be on the radar of a corporate outdoor store.

Trying to find a common denominator without, you know, reading the emails or letterbox stuffers, we guess it has got to be something to do with selling stuff. 

We really want to get on board with this. And we are pretty sure we have it covered. We’ve checked it out, and even run reports.

Most popular product: Dobies. Henry Ford is reputed to have said about his Model T, you can have any colour you like as long as it’s Black. Same goes for Dobies.

Next most popular: Zipoff Dusters, and Sifters, too close to call. Also Black. Ok, Sifters are also available in a blue we call Indigo, but only sometimes.
DustersScuffersCruiseliners. All Black.

We’ve got this. 

Get yourself blacked out, Nzo style. Then pick yourself a Friday, and go for a ride. 

Have a very Black Friday on us.


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