Etiquette for passing...not

It was so hot on Tuesday we shot out to the Blue Lake for a dip after work, and I took the opportunity to test out one of my Forest Loop variants. I was rolling along on my return voyage when I caught up with a fellow rider on a section of the trail that has limited space for passing.

He was moving at a gentleman’s pace, and after a polite hundred metres or so behind him I offered a cheery ‘hello!’, and got no response.

I then said ‘hey there! I will pass when it suits you!’. A bit louder, in case he hears things selectively like I do. Nada.

The next thing I said was yelled, really quite embarrassingly loud. Once again, it fell on deaf ears. 
At that point I thought maybe he had deaf ears. Then on a slight curve I could see he had headphones in, and I guessed he was in some high volume death metal frenzy that rendered him incapable of receiving any further sound.

So I gave his back tyre a tap with my front tyre. Tread-to-tread, always the most exciting version. That made him peer under his arm at his back wheel, but not at me. 

So I did it again, harder, this time banging his wheel sideways with a bit of overlap. 

Amazingly, this made him take another good look at whatever was wrong with his bike, but still not hard enough to spot me hovering directly behind him.

I felt like I was making progress so I gave him one more decent shot, this time a really solid one that moved his rear wheel sideways a bit and nearly put me down the bank.

But it worked! He pulled over, we laughed, I continued to the swimming hole.


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