Burners - Lightweight trail shorts

Burners are the lightest, slickest, most race-worthy baggy trail short we can make.

They are designed for speed, temperature control, and forget-you-are-wearing-shorts comfort.

Made in a series of Limited Edition prints, Burners have two zip pockets low on the legs, Nzo's secure non-slip waist adjustment system, and made of wicking four-way stretch fabric.

The Nzo Waist Adjuster

Our system of waist adjustment has been proven in the field for many thousands of kilometres. For a start, it's external. So you can get at it while you are wearing the pants. A long webbing strap goes forward around a D ring, then back on itself to be fixed in place with velcro. The velcro will not slip, and adjustment is very simple: grab the pull tabs, peel the velcro, pull out or let in, refix the velcro. Simple and effective.


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