Burners are the Nzo Creation of our Sifters trail shorts
Burners - Men trail shorts - ON DEMAND Nzo DESIGN 007

Burners - Men trail shorts - ON DEMAND Nzo DESIGN 007

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Burners are the lightest, slickest, most race-worthy baggy trail short we can make.

They are designed for speed, temperature control, and forget you are wearing shorts comfort.

Burners are cut for men, but don't let that stop you ladies! Many women like the slimmer fit of Sifters (the Original Men shorts), and these shorts share the same cut.

  • These shorts have two zip pockets low on the legs, for carrying some lightweight freight.
  • They utilise the Nzo non-slip waist adjustment system, and have a double stud waist closure.
  • The mesh used in the back stretch panel is very light and breathable.
  • The fabric used in the main panels is wicking and has four-way stretch.
  • They are ridiculously light and comfy, and they have passed the very stringent Nzo durability test.

Delivery will take about four weeks, and you will have a deluxe pair of trail shorts in this Nzo Creation on demand.