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Nzo has been based in Rotorua, making things for mountain bikers, since 1998. Our big idea when we started was if we make stuff that we like, we were pretty sure some other people would like it too.

21 years down the trail we still have that same idea, and we are still designing things in Rotorua that find a home with trail fanatics all over the world. Every Nzo product we sell is designed by us and tested individually by the people who own the company.   .



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They are definitely the most comfortable baggy shorts we have ever used.


All up, the Dobies are the perfect function over form short, long on comfort and ride-em-into-the-ground durability.


There are good reasons why Dobies are a signature piece of Kiwi riding kit: versatility, quality, comfort and toughness. An old favourite I wish I's tried long ago. 


These shorts are designed to be worn when you're slaying single track, but would be equally at home in the local taproom. In fact, they're pretty much the ideal short for minimalist month long dirt odyssey.


While Kickstarter has witnessed a tremendous surge in stretchy pants, the Nzo Dusters might be the best we've seen. Designed specifically for mountain biking, they seem durable in the right places, stretchy in the crotch, and actually attractive. ..

On Demand Nzo Design - Mountain bike 

We discovered a little gem from NZO. The New Zealand clothing brand, which was originally founded in 1998 and has been worn at the highest level by top Kiwi athletes such as Wyn Masters, recently released their slick custom colour program for select items in their range. 



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