Simple, effective, indispensible.

Everybody that is serious about bike riding needs a couple of pairs of bibshorts.

The duck's nuts for road or gravel riding, and pretty hard to beat under your trail shorts if you are going out with no clear idea of if or when you will return.

We reckon Nzo Deanos strike the perfect sweet spot in a bibshort for the average rider. The cut is resolved to be as comfy as we can make it, there are two pockets on the back for a few essentials, and the fabrics are top-notch. But it's what we don't add that really makes Deanos shine: the legs are held in position by a gently tapered hem band with NO SILICONE GRIPPER. That's awesome if you don't shave your legs! The chamois is enough: antibacterial coated fabric in contact with your undercarriage, welded to a moulded foam pad - but not a giant slab of contured foam that feels like an alien life form in your pants. It is a "just right" chamois we chose after testing many.

For a big day out, or a trundle round your local loop, the Deanos are your bibshort.


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