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Dirt is the new sand


Semi-selfie: Naomi and Paul rolling through the jungle.

Here is a little test to help you feel better about your obsession with mountain bikes.

Give an average couple the choice between three nights in a deluxe apartment with a balcony overlooking a popular east coast beach, or three nights in a cramped economy motel unit in Rotorua.

To make the test more interesting, tell them that part of the deal is that no matter which option they go for, they will have to pay for the beachside apartment.

Decision takes about half a second longer than it takes for the couple to understand the question, right? While they go and look for their beach towels and hefty paperbacks, ask the same question of a couple who are both mountain bikers.

To up the ante, find a couple who have only three days left in New Zealand before they head back to Sydney.

That is obviously ridiculous, a couple like that will be hard to find. So we found one for you.

Naomi and Paul were visiting Rotorua for the second time. We met up in the Nzo shop last weekend, and got out for a ride together the next day. After filling their boots in a five day stint in the Whakarewarewa Forest, they hived off to their beachfront mansion to ride the Motu trails and generally kick back on coastal time.

After their ride (excellent) and a snack, they started thinking about the long days of seaside relaxation stretching out before them, and the endless ribbons of dirt an hour inland, which they might not see again for a while.

There were a few minutes of discussion, then they packed up their stuff and headed back over the range, checking into the first cheap motel they could find on the RotoVegas strip.

We got a text saying we’re back! Any chance of a ride?

As luck would have it we were headed to the Timber Trail with Lauren and Seamus, the lucky winners of a Nzo / Hawaiian Airlines / Holiday Inn competition we ran in North America. They have been here for a week already, and have extended their stay to make the most of their long trip south.

We convoyed to Pureora, had a great ride, and then hooked into Kerosene Creek for a hot soak on the way home.

So, was paying for an empty beachside apartment AND a bedroom in Vegas a good investment?

Ask Naomi and Paul, the next time they are here. We don't think it will be long before they’re back.


Picking and eating blackberries en route.

Lauren and Seamus have come all the way from the eastern USA to ride some Rotorua trails for a couple of weeks.

WPKeroCreek After the long dry spell the water at Kerosene Creek was so hot we could only swim around like this for 5 minutes.

WPKeroCreek2 Sitting on a rock with the legs in hot water for a while is a great way to finish a big day out.





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