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150514WPWinter is not here quite yet, but the days of stepping out of one pair of shorts into another for a lap of the local after work have disappeared over the horizon, for this summer anyway.

That means creatively juggling time and circumstances to allow for the ‘midweek daytime ride’. It is a resolution I make each year about this time. A couple of hours, once a week, Wednesday is best, must be possible, make it happen.

With two rides in the weekend that is almost enough, that’s the deal. Last weekend the aforementioned circumstances got in the way of one the planned sorties so Monday saw me out at the forest in the middle of the day, trying to stay on target.

Resolutions are always like that the week after they are made.

To digress: Tubeless tyres are awesome, but sooner or later the gooey stuff inside the tyre turns into something else and doesn’t hold air like it used to. The complication factor of tubeless tyres is a need to visit the friendly bike store for installation of tyres or replenishment of gooey stuff. They have compressors, techniques, and other stuff I don’t.

The back tyre of the dirt bike has been losing pressure lately. So the plan was to go to a couple of meetings, have a ride, then drop in to the shop for some new rubber-infused air, and rush home in time to pack orders.

Might have been better to do that stuff in a different order.

The meetings met. I joined the other slackers out the forest, amazed at the number of people who are able to arange their lives to allow workday goofing-off. The ride went very well, I even managed to sneak up on Henry as we were climbing Direct Rd and scare him out of his wits. Note to Henry: if you are going to climb with headphones in, have a look behind you once in a while.

Then, on the way back to the car, a final bit of trail. Nothing special, but it has a clump of nice big redwoods to visit, and provides a way to hit the carpark at about a hundred miles an hour. There is a spot in there with a sort of chute created by countless people skidding down a rut to avoid a small drop-off over a log, which is still there. It is awkward, but I take the log.

On Monday, at pace. Below it was the only mud bog I saw in the entire ride. Avoidable, but not if you are already in the air before it comes into view. A millisecond later everything was plastered with mud. It’s nice mud, it will dry and brush off. But I don’t take filthy bikes to the bike shop.

So here it is Thursday, time for another midweek daytime ride, and I still have a flat back tyre.

And a pump. See you later.




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