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UCI Announces a World Championship for E-Bikes

The 2019 mountain bike racing season will culminate as it always does at the World Championships. This time though there will be a race for e bikes. As you may have guessed, the rules are complex.

Further details have been leaked from the UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland this morning.

The event will be a XCO race format, and will be open to the following athletes:

• anybody over 55 years of age at the start of 2019.
• Any athletes recovering from an injury (must not be self inflicted, unless it was suffered in a bicycle crash).
• Athletes recovering from any condition requiring hospitalisation for longer than three days in the 12 months prior to the event date.
• Partners of elite athletes, who don’t ride more than once a month
• People who have a day job, or are self-employed, and just don’t have time to you know, get out on the bike as much as they would like.

The UCI confirmed that there will be no drug testing for entrants in the e bike event, because the drug regimens they are likely to be on due to lifestyle choices, old age, or straight out bad luck will make decisions around TUEs too complex.

However, the technical specialists employed to make sure non-e bike competitors don’t have motors in their bikes will be on hand to ensure the e bike competitors do.




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