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Election time at Nzo




Around here we have had twice as much rain as we normally do: it doesn’t just feel like that, it’s a measurable fact.

Last week was intermittently dry, and three days in a row I couldn't get my availability to rideto coincide with the clear patches.

Saturday was a bike riding day, come hell or high water. As forecast, it was raining gently.I couldn’t decide what kind of bike ride to have, all of the options looked damp.

I posted a message on social media, inviting people the platform kindly calls ‘friends’ to vote on whether I should harden up and head out on the road, or take the Krampus for a lap of the forestry roads.

I included an out: no votes cast would mean I would stay home.

Within seconds a vote came in: Krampus. In the time it took to make a coffee there were three more, all Krampus.

A disturbing amount of votes followed, some backed up with helpful advice:

"Wind trainer (I have one, I use it for exercise when I move it out of the way every week or so)".

"Roadie, but not on the retro bike".

From an old racing mate: "Road, it’s so much more miserable when raining".

From Lisa: "I don’t know what Krampus is but it sounds interesting so I vote for that" (with a smiley face).

The final thing that tipped the balance was a reminder from a friend that he had given me a device called an AssSaver which would fit the Krampus. The AssSaver is a plastic thing that is admittedly cunning, and slides under the saddle to take care of the worst of the spray coming off the rear tyre.

So, Krampus.

The AssSaver would be completely effective if the rear tyre was not 3” wide. In practice, on this day, the Ass was Saved for the first ten minutes.




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