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NZO ACTIVE - Voucher Giveaway



Four new Nzo events to mess with your holidays!




With the silly season upon us, here at #NzoActive we decided to give you some events to enter that will be compatible with over-eating, drinking too much, and generally being slack and lazy. Or you can enter by doing something truly epic! We have launched four events, and the winners of each get a t shirt with the event logo on the front, and each t will be the only one like it in the world.

To win all you need to do is upload an image proving you participated to Instagram or the Nzo facebook page  with the hashtag #Nzoxmas, and the best one gets the t shirt. Best is a wide open description, what we mean is the one we like best.

The first event is fairly simple. You say you are the master of your destiny? A free spirit that answers to nobody? Here is your chance to prove it. The Nzo Xmas Pre-Dinner Dash is any bike ride, distance and terrain irrelevant, but it must be performed between whatever ceremonial obligations control your household at dawn, and dinner on Xmas Day. Your photo should somehow prove that it was taken on Xmas Day, and that you were engaged in a bike ride.

The next one is a bit more challenging: The Nzo Boxing Day Alley Cat. You and at least two mates, on your bikes, within 50m of a Boxing Day sale. Can’t be an online one, either. They are 1/ not physically risky, and 2/ on every three days throughout the year. Has to be an actual, honest, fighting, biting, gouging ruck of a sale.



Mid-week, between Xmas and New Year. The Boxing Day sales were the same as the Black Friday sales. The weather has turned to custard. You saw Rogue One before Xmas. Everywhere you go is crawling with people. If this is as good as the holidays get, whatever.



Its time for the Nzo Ennui Grand Prix. Drag yourself outside, get on your bike, and ride it somewhere. Photos can be from any time between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, and should demonstrate how a simple bike ride saved your entire holiday.



To finish things off is an event for the hard core of Nzo customers: the Nzo Drunktank Trackstand Challenge. To win, your photo must show somebody on their bike, in 2017 but only just, being arrested. If the subject of the photo is doing a trackstand, we will up the ante and give away a hoodie.

CONDITIONS: Doesn't really matter when you post your photos, or how many you post, but any photos posted after Jan 2, 2017 will be too late.





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