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Hitting a nerve


Here is a funny thing about being a small online bike brand in the sunny South Pacific: if we don’t send out an email pretty regularly things go quiet.
So we try to get one out every week or so, and most people on our list don’t seem to mind.

Here is another thing: some emails disappear into the ether without a ripple. Its like yelling down a mineshaft.
Others get a definite echo. The ones that get the most reaction are a win-lose: we get more replies (really! people write back!), and we get more unsubscribes.

We can’t tell beforehands which ones will elicit a response - maybe it depends on time of day, or day of week. We are not very scientific about it.

Last week’s effort touched a nerve - we got a lot of messages about road safety, and not just from New Zealand. The road safety aspect of riding a bike is very much on people’s minds. The family of the recent crash victim featured in TVOne’s story got in touch with some good ideas: there will soon be an action we can all get behind regarding a law amendment to put more onus on drivers in any vehicle vs bike accidents, and a hikoi is planned to deliver the resulting petition to Wellington.
Imagine even 5% of New Zealand’s cyclists taking to the road at some point in that venture - it would make a huge statement.

We were sent some interesting data by Cycle Action Waikato - excerpts are on this page - turns out there really is strength in numbers. Here is what bugs us: if all this readily available information is correct, why is our transport ministry not flat out facilitating cycling for commuters?

It's good bang for buck.

Off road, we are also gathering strength:
check out Trail Fund NZ. This is an independent project supporting the development and maintenance of publicly accessible, environmentally sensitive and sustainable mountain-bike accessible trails in New Zealand.
Trail Fund will help crews all over the country to get the best out of their trail building efforts.




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