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is it gunna or gotta?


291013WPheadAbout a month ago we embarked on a project showcasing the trails of Rotorua. RideRotorua put the thing together, and flowmountainbike.com came along for the rides.

The format was pretty simple: ten people who live here and run businesses that relate to mountain biking pick a trail each, then show it to the Flow guys. Graeme Murray documents the outing and creates a short film to capture the essence of the trail, and it becomes part of the YouTube universe.

It was hardly democratic, the first ones in got first dibs on the trail they liked, and the sample was so small it probably has a margin for error larger than the one that gets you a look at Rotorua Hospital’s excellent A&E Department (not featured in the Top Ten Trails series - so far).

Still, it was an interesting list that shook out. Can’t say which trails are on it though, its a secret.

What is also interesting, if you are a lucky punter and get to be in the little movie, is the process of gathering enough images and views for Graeme to stitch together an impression of the trail. Graeme has an amazing eye, and often gets images of familiar spots that appear new and different, but anybody will see things differently when forced to repeat a section a couple of (dozen) times. For a start, walking back up a trail gives a perspective only seen previously by accident, and usually upside down. Being stationary on a trail is worth doing if you have time. Obviously not right in the middle of the trail, that will be annoying for other trail users*. But seeing that strip of dirt when it isn’t unrolling itself in front of you is good. Seeing the stuff out to the sides can be amazing.

The pic at the top of the newsletter was shot by Damian from Flow, and shows Chris from Flow, on a trail which obviously has flow. But which trail? Even if you can guess, bet you never saw it from this angle.

While we are looking at that photo, check out the Nzo Dobies Chris is wearing. He reckons they “may just be the most comfortable baggy shorts we’ve ridden in.” Well, we can’t argue with that.

Neither can BikeRadar, who say Dobies are “...definitely the most comfortable baggy shorts we have ever used.”
Happy trails

Glen & Gaz

*And don’t, seriously, don’t even think about, stopping as a group to talk about a feature like a drop or a jump, while standing on it. This is really dangerous. We believe anybody smart enough to be on this mailing list will not be dumb enough to do this. Just saying.




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