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These Dobies are a write-off These Dobies are a write-off

There are a million things about a bike you can change and reconfigure, and one or two you do at your peril. One chain ring, three chainrings, who cares? Big wheels, little wheels, or some new-fangled in-between sized wheels. Meh. Clipped in or on flats? Now you are starting to get into the realms of stuff you better not mess with. Which way around your brakes are arranged? Forget about it. If you run front on the right, like most sentient humans, that is your curse FOREVER. If you think you can jump on a bike with front on the left and get out alive, good luck.

Case in point: This week a customer wrote to proudly show us her husband’s Dobies, which were a complete write-off. She had already ordered another pair, but was keen for us to see the state of the originals. We have seen some well thrashed examples, and some that had been cut off the wearer in ER, but this pair sets the bar for complete destruction.

In fact, the writer credited the shorts with saving her man from a faceplant, because they were destroyed in the act of catching on his brake lever but retained enough strength to leave him suspended in mid-air.

We responded with admiration and encouragement, it is not how we like to get our stock to turnover but we like to see people enjoying our products to the full.

We then learned that the incident that wrecked his shorts was the third over-the-bars episode on the same ride.

Further investigation reveals that the rider had decided to switch his brakes over… they are now back where they belong!




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