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Lights off, somebody home




Spring. Daylight saving is just around the corner, and already it is possible to get in a ride after work. Milking the last drops out of a day becomes the target as soon as it is practical.

It might require doing the last couple of trails by radar - it still gets dark pretty early - but the opportunity is there already to cut a few tracks without needing any lights.

The process nearly always means finishing in twilight. The sun has disappeared over the ridge.  It's chilly. The people who haven't got an early leave pass from work are still heading out with lights on their helmets. Start the engine, get the heater cranking while the damp kit gets exchanged for dry. Throw the helmet, gloves and shoes into their box, and slot the bike alongside. Get it all done before it's really dark: definitely Spring.

You still have to be sensible about it: we got a phone call on Monday evening from a new immigrant to town, who was calling from up on the Mamaku plateau. Our friend was on her road bike with a flat headlight battery. When the sun goes down up there, it is as dark as the inside of a cow.

Her partner would be at home, but that is out of cellphone reception, and our friend had no recollection of her new landline number.

I knew the number (see above re cellphone reception).

We texted, she called, her partner rescued, all good.




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