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Limited Edition that is actually Limited Edition



We spotted an ad the other day for a LIMITED EDITION vehicle, some sort of deluxe four wheel drive behemoth that will likely be used to drop little Tapioca off at ballet.

It was the same as the regular one you can buy except for ‘colour-coded’ interior giblets and some matching stripes on its shiny flanks, featuring the signature of the designer who picked the colour.

The general theme of the message was that there are only one thousand of these things available, so hurry up and get your order in. In the broad scheme of things that is a limited edition, but the idea of the common or garden variety of this vehicle rolling around in herds of tens of thousands is terrifying. The sheer volume of the stuff we make and sell, buy and use, wear and tear and then discard is almost beyond imagining.

We wont divulge how many Dobies have been sent out into the world, but it is a long way short of what constitutes a limited edition in the world of deluxe four wheel drives. In Rotorua you can spot a pair without much trouble. Further afield they are harder to find, beyond Australasia they are rare as hen’s teeth. Internet juggernaut Amazon just invented a phone, with a slew of features designed to help you make phone calls, take 3D selfies, and buy things from Amazon. You can point one of these things at any one of up to 140 million (number I made up for effect) consumer products, and it will facilitate buying one.

You don't even need to be bright enough to remember a brand name, or your own name for that matter, just point and click. bada-bing, go to checkout. Unless that happy looking, comfortable, bike rider you see happens to be wearing Nzo Dobies.

You can point and click like crazy, but they won’t appear on that phone. If you collar the rider and make them divulge the name of the shorts they are wearing, you can search Amazon and get 3300 results (we just did it to make sure), none of which are Nzo shorts.

THAT is Limited Edition, right there.





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