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Turns out using a bicycle on the road IS kind of like a war.

We reported a phenomenon a while back, which is an apparent correlation between the percentage of trips made by bicycle and the number of cyclist deaths per kilometre travelled.

In the countries where this information is available, where more people are riding, less cyclists are dying.

According to New Scientist, this holds true in the UK. A spate of deaths in London recently make grim reading, but apparently overall carnage per kilometre is down because there are far more trips being made by bike now than before.

So what is really needed to make bike riding safer is a lot more people riding bikes.

The downside is that to eventually win the war for a safe place on the roads for bicycles, some people will lose the occasional battle. And it won’t be the person operating a motor vehicle. What is really needed is education regarding the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians, institutional recognition of their validity as road users, and serious consequences for vehicle operators who injure or kill people on the road.




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