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Megan & Alistair's Rotorua Visit Day 4


The last day of their visit saw Megan &  Alistair back in the redwoods. We all went for a nice little lap of the lower trails, and got Megan back to the carpark in one piece. She was satisfied with that and had some shopping to do, so Al and I gave ourselves an hour to go and ride Corners.

That was a bit optimistic, but Al swore it was worth the effort of getting up there (a couple of hundred metres above the carpark) and getting back late (I gave him the option, on the way back, of "more singletrack, or quickly back down the road?" He chose singletrack.

We had spent a couple of sessions in Whakarewarewa forest as wisely as I could, and hadn't even scratched the surface really. I think Alistair got tired of having trail heads pointed out "for next time". I am pretty sure they will be back.

We had plenty of time to drop back into town, have a leisurely lunch at Capers, and get everybody where they needed to be by flight time.




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