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Megan & Alistair's Weekend in Rotorua Day 2


The rain we have been enjoying down here was clearing, and we started thinking about riding for Day 2. Although Rotorua's trails dry out after rain faster than most places, they were pretty wet and would be better left for a day or so to get to their sublime best. There is another Rotorua attraction that dries out even quicker that the redwoods: Taupo! We decided to meet Al's friend Jonty down in Taupo for Day 2 and ride W2K, a great trail for almost any weather.

Megan had figured out that there is more to Rotorua than bike riding and was planning a day of R&R, a visit to a spa, and the pampering and hot soaks on offer there.

So it was just me and Al, headed south via the Mihi Cafe at Golden Springs, my new half-way-to-Taupo coffee stop. We met Jonty and headed out to Whakaipo Bay where the W2K trail starts. The sun was shining and the carpark was more or less empty when we rolled out at 10.30. The trail was mostly dry but in places where the sun could not reach there were small mud patches, usually really slippery on top of a hard base, and right in the apex of corners. They were not on every corner, just enough to make barreling into a blind curve inadvisable unless there was clearly a berm to fetch up against should the corner prove to be one of the slippery ones. Good fun.

The Tickled Trout cafe was open in Kinloch, the halfway point for our ride, and the lunch was really good. It would have been easy to kick back there for the afternoon but there was a hill to be climbed and a downhill to be enjoyed so we gave the meal about 10 minutes to integrate with our systems and headed back up the trail.

Day 3 for Megan and Alistair is a day off the bike, and a drive down to Hawkes Bay for some wine tasting. I told Al that is a long way to go for the day, but he reckoned 2.5 hours each way was only a bit further than a trip to the dairy (he actually said milk bar) where he comes from.




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