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James "Geezer" Alexander at the end of a very long, very tough day on a mountain bike. James "Geezer" Alexander at the end of a very long, very tough day on a mountain bike. Nzo Burner shorts and Nzo 245 trail top.

This is verbatim copied from an email we received shortly after the Enduro World Series Round at Crankworx Rotorua. It came from a mate of ours, James Alexander. 

Choosing an mtb short from your drawer shouldn't be a decision... It should be a reaction based in instinct.

Instinct was what led me to choose to wear Nzo Burners the day of the EWS Rotorua.

My instinct was fabricated (pun intended) by factors my past shorts fell short of (ok, so less of the puns).  Fundamentally when you’re about to ride 7 hours, comfort is pretty high on the priority list - you don't want comfort... you NEED it!

As soon as you slip the Burners over your body you know something is different. It's the cut! Dare I say it they feel almost tailor made... well they should right!  After all they are designed by the legendary Gaz Sullivan. A man that oozes passion for riding and has been around the traps long enough to know that above great style, comfort is the winning formula that rules the roost.  Mention the word "Dobie" to any seasoned mountain biker and they give the kiwi eye brow raise of recognition.

Enough about "Dobies" we know they are good. Burners; they are very good.

What immediately struck me was how light they feel to wear. Not so light you feel unprotected, light in the fact they are supple, the cut so good, there is no bunching of excess fabric in weird places. Compare riding with a camel-back to not riding with one. Same deal. You feel free-er - that simple!

Some clever thinking has been injected into these too. The stretchy mesh strip along the width of your rump, keeps things cool and hugs you nicely to prevent the short from twisting. The double popper is a valuable upgrade over other brands. You'll never feel guilty after a pre-ride cooked breakfast ever again. No surprise "pop" up the first climb here. In the bigger picture (that damn pun again) if your weight fluctuates from season to season, congratulations for being human you’re rewarded with quality made cinch tabs to adjust your waist band to the millimetre as and when required.  With all this profound function, are they stylish?  You bet!  It's Nzo's trademark. ....."Does my bum look good in these?"

The last time I saw "the look" from my wife, she agreed to marry me!




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