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Made one-at-a-time, just for you!
Customise your Nzo designs with your favourite colours

Nzo designs, in the colours you choose, made on demand -

just for you!

Nzo Custom Shop features crisp, clean graphics and beautifully detailed production

Mountain bike shorts for men and women,

trail tops, more products coming soon!

The Nzo Custom Shop is open for business!

We are stoked to be able to make your customised kit on-demand. 

It's an evolving project, and we had such a great result with Phase 1 that we have gone ahead and completed Phase 2: an Nzo factory set up to make your personalised gear, as well as our Heritage and Essentials ranges. 

For now, the custom project is in a separate website. That means even if you are one of our earliest adopters and have been using Nzo products for two decades, you will need a new login to use the custom shop. If you are ordering some of our stock range and want to add a customised product, that will mean a separate transaction. 

Have fun! We are looking forward to seeing your designs, but even more to making them for you!

The Nzo Custom Shop-
How it works:

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