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January 2010

One month old more or less

January 20 we sent out the first email since we got up and running again. I have been sort of saying we will hold off on the emails until everybody is back at work, but in reality it was more about US being back at work. We have been busy, but have also been trying to kick back a bit. So anything not urgent didn't get done.

Today's message advertised the availability of the excellent Daytona trail top that just arrived, named after the racetrack where racing stripes were first seen in the early 60s. Some guy called Briggs Cunningham whacked a couple of stripes down the middle of his sports racers so they could be identified. That is what HE said. I think he did it because he knew it would look so cool.

I also had a big rant about Dobies:

It has been a brilliant summer around here, the best since we moved to Rotorua I think. Hot and dry, with optimal trail conditions. I have been using the new Dobies pretty much every ride, because they are just cooler than anything else I have tried (I am talking temperature here, actual coolness is in the eye of the beholder, and I may not have any). I even rode the first N-Duro of the summer in my new Dobies, and went 45kms on a hot day in something approaching comfort. I can’t say it was luxurious or anything, we are talking about a mountain bike race, but very little of the pain and anguish I suffered could be blamed on my shorts. I mused on this at length while battling my demons on Lookout Rd: the accepted paradigm these days for comfortable seating on a pushbike involves a sculpted wodge of hi-tech foam of various densities, sealed in antibacterial coolmax, and appliquéd into the business end of a pair of lycra shorts. Take our own Cruiseliner Supreme as a fine example. This is all good, and I avail myself of the buffer these things provide from time to time. However, in my formative years, and all the years before them back to the first time two idiots lined up their bicycles to ride further than they should have, the only ‘padding’ used was a thin piece of chamois leather, stitched into a pair of shorts, probably wool. The bikes had tyres pumped up to 100psi, had no suspension, and the seats were made of stretched cowhide or plastic. Once a person had ridden enough to know if they liked it, their undercarriage had hardened up to the task. And the task was often very very long.

I now have fat tyres at fairly low pressure, 6” of suspension, a seat with a couple of mms of cushioning and I think 45kms is a long way. The fleece pad and several millimetres of fabric compression available in a pair of Dobies is plenty when combined with all that other bump-absorption. The flexibility provided by the panels of Nzonium make Dobies less constricting than the stretchiest lycra, without the wearer having to go out in, you know, stretchy lycra (not that there is anything wrong with that). If you only have one pair of mountain bike shorts, make sure it is a pair of Dobies.


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