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June 2010

Double crossing

A couple of weeks back I joined a crew for a double crossing of the Moerangi trail… this makes a sublime 35kms of singletrack with a 9km downhill finish into a 70km death march with a huge climb to start. The trail works well both ways but the climb out of the Minginui end is at the upper end of what I consider rideable. A couple of times I just stopped, kind of ground to a halt to pop the Turkey Timer back in, and the grade was so steep I had to walk a bit to find a slightly flatter metre or so to restart. My mate Jase kindly waited here and there to make sure I was still moving. Mike and Rob couldn’t go slower than pretty fast because of their perverse belief that having only one chainring on their bikes makes them better. It certainly makes their lowest gears a lot higher than mine. Annika was going even faster due to her perverse belief that the sooner a ride is over the less it will hurt. She has the fortitude to make such a concept workable. I didn’t keep Rusty in sight long enough to say how fast he was going except for a short period on the return trip when he got stuck behind me on a ten minute granny gear section. On that bit he was going the same speed as me, which he complained later was technically difficult to do without falling over. Whatever.

I was pleased to note that half of the squad were wearing our new Sifters. We have been friends long enough that I know they wouldn’t wear anything just to make me happy. They wear Sifters on an all day mission like this because they work!


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