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November 2016

The Nzo / Ride Central Store


The Nzo / Ride Central Store in Rotorua is a full service bike shop where you can get everything you need to make your ride in Rotorua a success.

You will find us at 1141 Amohau St, Rotorua. Call us on 07 347 7775. The store is open 7 days during summer. 830 to 5 Monday to Friday, 9 to 4 Saturday, and 9 to 1pm Sundays.

The Nzo / Ride Central Store is the only place on earth you can see and try Nzo product in person. That is not all: we stock the best of everything else. Bikes, protection, shoes, eyewear, bike hardware, and more.

We designed what we believe is the best map available of the forest we love, and we have it printed at jumbo size on the wall in the store. We also have the map available in the store as a printed foldout version. Come and get one anytime.

Everybody on our staff rides in the forest as often as they can, and some of us have been riding in the forest since before there were any trails. We know the place really well and we love pointing you in the right direction.



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