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August 2009

Back to our roots

After 10 years of being the proprietors of Nzo, we have the unique opportunity of starting again. Nzo began with a few ideas based on our experiences travelling, riding bikes, and trying to live simply. We moved from Auckland to Rotorua and opened a shop full of mountain bike shorts and T shirts, where people like us could get clothing to suit their lives.

It went really well. So well that for a long and deluded time we followed our noses into a wholesale business with over 400 retailers as customers, a constant pressure to get bigger and make more stuff, no spare time and only a passing resemblance to what we had planned to do. Exasperated partners finally tired of waiting for the business to start paying its way, and we realised that while we still love what Nzo could be, we did not like what it had become.

So, here we are, weeks away from relaunching with ... some mountain bike shorts and a bunch of T shirts.


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