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OMG! 700 likes.


WP260515 Mick Ross, trying to decide which is cooler: the test bike, or his outfit.

Here is the thing: we love running this Nzo operation, and all that it entails, and would probably continue to do it if we won first division. Well, maybe not immediately. But after a couple of weeks we would be back at it. It is that much fun.

Much as we like the making stuff part, and the talking about it part, there is another really critical bit, the selling it part.

We do various things to help this process, but by far the most reliable is this very email. We have read the research that says people of a certain age prefer email to other forms of digital talk, and what we find backs that up.

Every time we send one out we get a response, a satisfactory flurry of activity.

In between emails, not so much.

As a case in point regarding the superiority of emails against anything else, we give you Facebook.

Besides being the great time-vampire of our age, it is purportedly a great way to win friends and influence people, and the good people at Facebook tell us in various ways what a good thing they are right there in our news feed.

It may well be just that, we spend more time than we should pondering it, and we have accumulated nearly 4000 ‘likes’ on the Nzo page. Our friends over at FlowMountainBike have over 110,000. That is pretty amazing. Even discounting the people who liked them by mistake, that is a crowd.

You can imagine our delight when one of the Flowbros posted this on Instagram and Facebook. A fetching photo of Mick, standing to attention amongst the foliage, dressed in full Nzo kit. With a caption that correctly identified the product! By the time we were on our second coffee this morning the post had over 700 likes.

Very excited! We looked at the comments. There were already 15! What would they say?

The third one said “Whatever. Tell us about the bike!”




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