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Hi Glen and Gaz, Just wanted to say how AMAZING my new shorts and liner are. I rode to work this morning and was super comfortable the whole journey (the liner was sooooooo soft and light).
Thank you so much for your time and patience last night and letting me try on numerous pairs of shorts - I am most definitely an NZO convert (Jono liked them too)
Thanks again Stef

Hey Guys, just a note to say thank you for your outstanding service and awesome quality gear.
I have just ordered some more shorts for my wife and myself to replace the Dobies and Sifters that I have worn religiously for over 6 years (and continue to be my go to shorts when doing chores around the house).
With a 10month old I just hope we can get over to the Redwoods to get them dirty!

Speaking of which ... it would be rude of me to not give Nzo a big thumbs up for the toughness of the Dobies. Last night was my first crash while wearing them. While it wasn't super high speed, I was going faster than I should have for an offcamber slick turn that I've ridden a thousand times. Front tire went out as I was trying to slow down in the corner (bad bike skills I know) and I augered in on my shoulder and hip. Dobies brushed it off like it didn't even happen. They probably even helped shield my legs from getting more cut up. Great wearing bike clothing!
Kevin Axt
Seattle, WA

I love you guys. I read your emails & I like what you do & what you stand for. If I had more money, I would buy more stuff from you. I hope one day to get to NZ, ride the trails & maybe even meet some of you face to face.
Keep doing what you’re doing!

Recieved my new Dobies the day after ordering. My old ones had finally died after 10 hard years. Took to wearing my wife’s pair until I found that you were still making them. Great to see that you have stuck to a similar design, and the lighter fabric improvements are good.
Best of all is that they still have a light padding, not like the usual ones that I have tried out lately that have pads that feel like a rolled up newspaper (weekend edition) down your trousers.

Central Otago
Comment: Dear Glen & Gaz
I've been meaning to send you an email for a while. It's about my shorts.
I've had a pair of Sifters for a while. Now I've got two pairs. They are superb. Easily the best shorts I have ever owned, for anything. Seem to last forever too. I hope to replace my entire shorts collection with them, and not just bike shorts - all shorts.
Really enjoy the regular emails as well.
That's all I had to say. Thanks for the quality product and entertainment.
Catch ya later Andrew

Hi Gaz,
Just wanted to say the new shorts are bloody awesome. Been wearing them for the past few days, real nice!
Jamie Mead, Skyline Rotorua
Thumbs up for putting a double dome closure on the new Sifters! I emailed you a while ago about the single one popping fairly regularly so it’s great to see you guys being proactive with your changes :-) Love your products only problem now is I can’t seem to wear them out! :-)
Terry Hansen

"Most comfy shorts IN THE WORLD! :-)"
Paul Whitfield, Blue Mountains, NSW

By the way my new shorts and top have been extremely well received and worn regularly. I even have to check to make sure I have shorts on..............only kidding.
David Priestley
Hey Gaz
Just a quick note to say scuffers and the new inners, fantastic. Love them so much :), they even wore well with my OTB event on Gunna Gotta. Flip, wider bars, didn’t think, looking for my line ahead on a rooty section and ahhhhh, bars hit the tree and over I went! BUGGAR! Still the shorts and inners are non the worst for it haha. Only problem I had is after their first wash and out on the clothes horse on the deck, Greg’s puppy took a liking to my inners and now they are in the bin! So Greg now owes me another pair, will need to call in again to pick them up.
Hope you week is going well, might even see you at the night market if you are down there later?
Cheers Carol

Comment: Hi Gaz and Glen Recieved my 2012 Dobies/Cruiseliner Deluxe combo on Tuesday and Christened them both the next day (yesterday) on a wet and wild night ride at the Woodhill mountain bike park in Auckland. Verdict: sweet as!!! So much more comfortable combination than I have been using, which was either a bib-short or full roady shorts under baggy MTB shorts. Cruiseliner Deluxes' rock - no tangling up with the Dobies (or the undercarriage!). I was worried about the lightweight and supple fabric of the Dobies on first inspection, but they soon proved themselves under heavy fire. To be honest, I didn't really notice my shorts at all during 2 hours of riding through muck and puddles. Neither garment gave a damn about the wet or the mud/sand combo thrown at them. I was also rapt with the unexpected bonus feature - run a bit of clean water on the Dobies and the crap falls off like their made of Teflon (I hope that feature of the material has longevity!). Cheers from your new customer. Regards Gavin

Hi Nzo,
Well impressed with the shorts and the delivery excellent. I only ordered them yesterday (Friday).
Cheers Nick

Hi Gary,
Got the shorts, love them. We’ll order another couple as Tim wants another pair too.

Hi Gary,
OK thanks for that, hopefully they’ll be here soon. My existing ones are a little tight now after about 8 yrs, so I’m gagging for new ones! If these fit well I’ll be getting a second pair and another pair for husband so you’ll see my name again. You shouldn’t make them last so well, or people would buy more!

Greetings....I just thought I would drop you a line as I contemplate my next pair of Dobies. Please refer to the photos of my beloved dobies from around 2002 (??). These have been my loyal companions on many many MTB trips....I have flown in choppers, broken bones, flown like an eagle and super-manned into countless bushes in these bad boys. But most of all, I have been proud to wear these doing what I love to do most, just mountain biking.
Love what you guys do, and to make a pair of MTB shorts that have lasted like these, well, just legendary really. Great work.....
Cheers Thomas

Hi there guys
Having been a lycra wearing cyclist both on and off road I was hesitant about buying baggy shorts but thought I might need to so as not to look out of place in NZ. I am told you can spot the Aussies by the lycra they wear.
The new shorts I had hand delivered to my hotel are amazing. The perfect weight, easy to wash and very comfortable top wear. At no time was I hindered by flappy pockets or bulky shammies that catch on the seat. Water resistant and the dirt just fell off! Spectacular! Thanks again. I would recommend these to all my fellow rider. I actually didn’t look out of place in the cafes either!
Murray Payne

This is not exactly a testimonial, but we include it for giggles:
Comment: Hey Guys I met the owner out in the Forest two weeks ago with the Flow boys. I proudly showed you my very old NZO shirt - should of stayed quiet. It got cut off me the next day at the gondola bike park so the ambos could put my shoulder back in. Cheers Paul ( safely back in Melbourne)

Gee whizz, those scuffers fit like a glove. The adjustable waist band straps are the icing on the cake. Will be taking them for a spin this weekend. Thanks for the prompt delivery

My on-special XS Dobies arrived yesterday (New Year's Eve, Oz time). I am not a kid, just a small mid-50s woman who likes riding. For various reasons I haven't got on a bike for a year (except a MTB for 3 days in Central Australia). I put them on, and IMMEDIATELY knew they were right; I have just got home from a celebratory New Year ride. Everyone is correct. They are the comfiest thing I have ever worn on a bike. I didn't even notice them, if that makes sense. Thank you so much. I am so happy to have been propelled out of the doldrums and back onto my bike. Your cheerful emailed bulletins are also a pleasure to read. May the dirt flow smoothly under your wheels in 2015! Keep up the good work. Cheers, AJ

just wanted to say thanks for the chat and for the time on Tuesday I have fallen in love with 2 things while being home this trip
1 eagle vs shark 2 my sifters seriously beautiful to wear, and very light and I plan now to wear them as my commuter short of choice
I wondered whether an urban fixie narrow leg style might be a go, but just a thought
thanks again Gary
cheers pete

Just to let you know the shorts arrived this week as forecast. Sizes are all good and they feel as comfy as you guys claim. Unfortunately they are forecasting we will get up to 200mm of rain over the next two days here in SE Qld so the chances of getting a ride this afternoon are slim.

Dobies arrived this morning thanks Gaz, they look awesome, great fit. Thank you.
Regards Jez
Gaz I still have my original Dobies that I purchased around 1998. The outer beading only fell apart due to being scrubbed on concrete a few times a week by the washing girls in the house I lived in while in Nepal for 6 months in 1999, otherwise worn everyday for a further 5-6 yrs. maybe I should sport them at Crankworx next week
Shane Taylor

I own 2 pairs of old Kombies and also 2 pairs of MX Shorts (got some on now). Great for farm work and swimming etc. They even were the only selection of shorts I wore while deep in the jungle surveying the Timber Trail.
These days they are all a bit rough around the edges. But they just won't die! I have a modern pair of Dobies as well, and I reckon they might just outlast me....
So full credit to you and Glen for making such tough gear. It rocks!
Cheers, Hoz

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