About Nzo

The original Nzo store in 1998. We were called N-Zone back then. Various other companies with similar names made us reconsider a few years later.


Nzo kicked off in 1998 with a store in the main street of Rotorua, the mountain biking capital of New Zealand.

We made things out the back, and sold them out the front, and hundreds of early adopters of the brand new sport used Nzo kit and gave us the feedback that informed our designs.

Life partners Glen Anderson and Gaz Sullivan had bailed out of their successful design businesses in Auckland to make the move from the big smoke to the big steam.


Glen is an apparel designer with a background in fashion and swimwear. Her eye for simple style and her pattern making skills are what make Nzo’s fit such a feature of the range, and her eye for detail is what has given Nzo such a reputation for quality: Flowmountainbike reckoned “the most durable, well-made product on the planet. Nzo’s reputation for making practical, comfortable and incredibly durable clothing is legendary in mountain bike circles”


Gaz is a designer and illustrator. He is also a bike rider, and has ridden, raced, and mucked around on every kind of bike since he was old enough to climb onto one. Most of his design career was spent doing projects for other designers and ad agencies, and the opportunity to be putting his ideas on to his own stuff drove the move to Nzo. That and the chance to live next to the trails

A major production calamity in 2014 saw our New Zealand manufacturer unable to keep up and no amount of cajoling could make them continue as suppliers. A search in ever-widening circles to find a suitable production facility lead Nzo to a partnership with a sports-mad gang in Hong Kong. This relationship has provided Nzo with our best ever production and room to grow.


Olivier Courret is an expat Frenchman based in Hong Kong, where he is involved in the design and sourcing of high quality sports equipment. His focus is split between that and his other two passions: his family and triathlon. Together with his kids he competes most weekends, trains every day, and has conceived and created the just-in-time production facility that allows Nzo to bring top quality product to market in a fresh new way.


Nzo’s general manager Suzanne Lim is a Frenchwoman with a background in science that helps her develop and maintain Nzo systems. That analytical background also helps her pursue her amazing sport of free-diving. Suzy competes at World level, and has achieved a PB of 72metres. Yup, that is 72 metres down, and back again, on one lungful of air.


Natasha Chung hails from the UK, and her role is technical design and product development. Her sport is Spartan - it is extreme! Natasha works on conceptualising ideas and then bringing them to life through patterns, specifications and prototyping.


Grace Chan is the Nzo production guru, looking after the complex supply chain. When she is not doing that she likes to run, and sometimes she is running to catch a plane - she likes to travel too.


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