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Pureora Forest Tramline trail


A chance meeting with a customer at the Moonride provided some excitement for next summer... a new trail being built through the Pureora Forest west of Lake Taupo is part of the national Cycleway project and follows an old tramline for 70kms through the forest. The trail will include the Ongarue Spiral, a clever bit of engineering that allowed the tramline to traverse some steep country. The trail will also use tunnels and original cuttings used for the tramline. The customer who told us all this is an engineer on the present project, with the company building the bridges required. I didn't really grasp the scope of this part of the operation until I saw these photos. This bridge spans an 85m deep canyon and will be a hoot to try to ride over. I am fervently hoping they add a bunch of wire mesh or something to make falling off the thing less likely. I am sure they will.




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