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Putting the Nzo into Garbanzo



Here is how it usually goes: a young person starts riding a mountain bike for the sheer devilry of it. The quality of the bike is irrelevant, the safety equipment is optional because the activity is rarely planned. Apparel is whatever is on rotation that day.

Fun is had, injuries are survived, bike parts are replaced.

Some of these youngsters realise that what they like doing is a legitimate sport, and there are events to have a crack at. A very few have talent, and enough determination to end up racing seriously.

The best of them go ‘pro’, which for most means they get some free stuff to use. A small percentage get paid to ride/wear/eat/drink whatever brand they jump in with. The idea is that the general public see the rad dude in the kit with this or that logo, think wow, that stuff must really be good, and go buy it.

Nzo gives practically nothing away to hot riders. We usually say sorry, we would rather support events. Spread the Nzo love around as far as it will stretch.

There are current exceptions.

Anka is one, she was a customer before she became an Nzo ambassador, and it was easy to give her some products to use because she is also a qualified apparel designer and her feedback will improve the product.

And then there is Wyn Masters. He is a pro, racing downhill at the top of the game, but he is also an entertainer. If you don't already watch WynTV you should.

He turned up for a visit on a brief trip home recently, and came looking for some shorts for trail riding. He is covered for downhill by his sponsors, but for general riding he wanted something lighter. We don't in any way sponsor him, but we admit he didn't pay for his Sifters. He has to get some perks in return for Wheelie Wednesday.

We were watching this riveting helmet cam record of Wyn’s run down the ridiculously long and crazy Garbanzo downhill at Crankworx Whistler, and it occurred to us that a long race like that would be improved by a very comfy trail short. An eagle-eyed customer then shared the pic at the top of this email, which we promptly stole and reproduce here. Those shorts are Nzo Sifters, coming out on race day. Stoked.

Two other things to note: we didn't pay to have our brand name grafted into the race title, and we can’t wait for next year, when the world’s biggest mountain bike festival descends on Rotorua. Check it out: Crankworx Rotorua, March 2015.






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