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Rolling out the dirt carpet



On the weekend I was lucky enough to get to visit Tasmania.A film festival in Launceston included a session that showed a snippet of Trailnotes among other films, and a discussion followed which included the benefits to a town of having accessible mountain bike trails nearby.

That’s what I was there to talk about.

Wherever you go in the world, where there is mountain biking there are people pushing very hard to make it better. In Launceston, Buck from Vertigo Mountainbike Tours is one of them. On my free day he collected me in his van, a selection of bikes on the back, and we headed off into the hills to Hollybank, where there will soon be a purpose-built loop trail and a downhill run available.

Nearer town at Trevallyn a loop trail that is close to perfection, and a downhill run that was equally entertaining with bermed turns and heaps of rocks keeps things interesting.

That is all we had time to see, but like a mountain biking evangelist anywhere Buck outlined all the other stuff there is to do further afield and all the things that are planned.

Tasmania will be a great place to visit again, but with a bit more spare time.

The mountain biking culture in places like Rotorua has taken 20 years to build, but other towns see what can be done and can get to their own version a lot quicker.

That is great... mountain biking is a great excuse to go somewhere new and sample some new trail.

The more places rolling out the dirt carpet the better it is for them and for people lucky enough to visit.





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