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Save or it didn't happen


Hauling my carcass down Eagle vs Shark at a speed others would find soporific. Hauling my carcass down Eagle vs Shark at a speed others would find soporific.

I have a confession.

Much as I have slagged the entire concept in the past, I have begun to record my bicycle rides on an electronic device.

More often than not.

It has become so habitual that if for some reason the episode is not recorded and uploaded as I expect, it sort of feels like the ride didn't happen.

This is obviously pathetic, and I may need to see somebody about it. Maybe my doctor, who is possibly more besotted with mountain biking than I am, and as far as I know doesn’t use a ride analysis device. Although she could, now I think of it, as a general early warning system for her patients’ condition. All the app would have to do is start uploading blood pressure and cholesterol as well as segments and average speed, and the doc could advise dietary improvements or medication at the same time as giving kudos!

But I digress. Obviously measuring the progress of a bike rider though a forest by hijacking his telephone is about as accurate as figuring out distance by counting pedal strokes.

That my PR (personal record, an achievement that gets a little virtual chalice awarded to my phone) might be twice the duration of the current leader’s is fine as long as somebody else took twice as long as me. For all I know, the leader cheated.

On the other hand, the  person I was way faster than may have stopped for a nap.

What is really disconcerting, and this has happened to me twice in the last two weeks, is meeting a friend out in the woods, and riding a trail or two with them to confirm that they are definitely much faster than me.

Never mind, I say to myself, this is not a race. I am having fun, and so what if (insert insulting word here) can ride away from me as if I am walking. It’s all good.

Then I get to the bit where I fish the phone out and press 'Stop'. Then 'Save'. Then while I peel off tomorrow’s laundry my phone calculates my dubious awesomeness and presents it, with graphics, to validate my ride. And there it is!

My ride down the trail I got left behind on is a PR for me!





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