Sifters - Street/trail shorts

Sifters are our all-day every day street / trail shorts, and the latest version of this design is even better than before.Sifters are built to live in 24/7, but when you go bike riding they really shine. The new NzoFlex fabric we use is lightweight but tough with generous four-way stretch. LEARN MORE

In case you wonder what is the difference between Dobies and Sifters, check this article : Dobies OR Sifters

Sifters are NZO’s ‘trail’ shorts. These shorts are designed to be worn when you’re slaying single track, but would be equally at home in the local taproom. In fact, they’re pretty much the ideal short for a minimalist month long dirt odyssey. Having searched for a good pair of shorts to replace my Zoics, I am extremely impressed with these and am planning on riding them for many miles on upcoming trips

Logan Watts/


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