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sold to the man with the new bike




Just about as good as riding a new trail is showing somebody else one.

Especially if the guest is experiencing real mountain biking for the first time.

Mountain biking is one of those sports that can get its hooks in straight away, or turn people off just as quickly. People either get the bug, or they don’t.

A couple of months ago my sister’s family came to visit, two adults and a couple of mid-sized kids. They wanted to go mountain biking, and brought a trailer full of bikes, so on a sunny Saturday we took a loop of the beginners’ trails close to the carpark.

It took an hour to go not very far, but at the first opportunity to bail out they all reckoned they would like to do more, so we wandered further afield without getting out of their depth or heading up any hills. They were sold, and the next day they wanted to do it again.

Chris, the alpha male, was so inspired he started looking for a better bike immediately. He started firing second hand bike links through to me with questions about their usefulness, and he began researching where in Auckland he could go and ride.

We found a bike, one of those deals where it could go either way, hard to tell from the pictures. The thing had just been freshened up by the local shop and surely they would have noticed any cracks or major problems. You would think. Fingers crossed.

Last weekend the team made a return visit. The bike was good. After the family outing, which gave Chris a chance to get familiar with the new sled, we saddled up and headed further out into the woods. Chris had ridden motocross a long time ago, and the concepts are the same. The act of pedalling a bike will take a little longer to become comfortable, but here in Rotorua we have a sneaky way to get to prime trails without pedalling at all: take a bus. So that is what we did.

Remember getting on your new bike. The first one you got with dual suspension and disk brakes. Now imagine taking your first real fang on it down a lovingly crafted 8 kilometres of downhill dirt, with 30 jumps and twice as many corners... pretty sure the new sport will stick.

The Flow team visited a few weeks ago, so that 10 Rotorua locals could show off their favourite Rotorua trails. Graeme Murray captured the episodes for RideRotorua, and the results are rolling out over the next 10 weeks. Here is the first one. It has me in it.




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