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I’ve had a pair of Sifters, Nzo’s less famous but still extremely popular short, since 2007 and they don’t look close to giving up just yet. In all that time I never had the inclination to try a pair of Dobies, the flagship model in the Nzo stable, until recently. And I’m glad I did.

Dobies are being made once again right here in New Zealand, and I’m all for local production of anything. This means the build quality can be monitored throughout the whole process, resulting in a tough and well made short. They use a fabric dubbed ‘Nzonium’ for the centre and back panels with ‘NzoFlex’ for the sides. What that means is it’s a short that feels light yet substantial, and moves with you when putting some hip and arse into your riding. It’s probably the most ‘don’t know it’s there’ short I’ve tried.

Teamed with the new Deanolite bib short, it’s a winning combo. Bib shorts are the ultimate for the road, but I’ve never been a fan of using them in the dirt. These however are the go-to undershorts now. With mesh panels to keep things cool, you don’t feel like you’re wearing a bib short at all. And although Gaz encouraged me to wear my Dobies sometimes without any liner at all, they really work best with the Deanolite underneath. But the thin pad sewn into them does a more than admirable job of providing some comfort and support.

There are good reasons why Dobies are a signature piece of Kiwi riding kit: versatility, quality, comfort and toughness. An old favourite I wish I’d tried long ago.

Brett Kennedy




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