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Hi Glen and Gaz,
Just wanted to say how AMAZING my new shorts and liner are.
I rode to work this morning and was super comfortable the whole journey (the liner was sooooooo soft and light).

Thank you so much for your time and patience last night and letting me try on numerous pairs of shorts - I am most definitely an NZO convert (Jono liked them too)

Thanks again


Hey Guys, just a note to say thank you for your outstanding service and awesome quality gear.

I have just ordered some more shorts for my wife and myself to replace the Dobies and Sifters that I have worn religiously for over 6 years (and continue to be my go to shorts when doing chores around the house).

With a 10month old I just hope we can get over to the Redwoods to get them dirty!



Speaking of which ... it would be rude of me to not give Nzo a big thumbs up for the toughness of the Dobies.  Last night was my first crash while wearing them.  While it wasn't super high speed, I was going faster than I should have for an offcamber slick turn that I've ridden a thousand times.  Front tire went out as I was trying to slow down in the corner (bad bike skills I know) and I augered in on my shoulder and hip.  Dobies brushed it off like it didn't even happen.  They probably even helped shield my legs from getting more cut up.  Great wearing bike clothing!

Kevin Axt

Seattle, WA


I love you guys. I read your emails & I like what you do & what you stand for. If I had more money, I would buy more stuff from you. I hope one day to get to NZ, ride the trails & maybe even meet some of you face to face.

Keep doing what you’re doing!




Recieved my new Dobies the day after ordering. My old ones had finally died after 10 hard years. Took to wearing my wife’s pair until I found that you were still making them. Great to see that you have stuck to a similar design, and the lighter fabric improvements are good.

Best of all is that they still have a light padding, not like the usual ones that I have tried out lately that have pads that feel like a rolled up newspaper (weekend edition) down your trousers.



Central Otago



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