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At the weekend we were up to our ears in the 20th edition of the Moonride.

Moved from its former home in the wet and cold end of May, the event nestled into its new date in March as if it was made for it. It was not big as it used to be, but it did become the Nzo Moonride. We have attended every Monride in some capacity since Nzo was launched 16 years ago, and to be able to stick our logo on the front of the whole event was very good.

As a way for a gang of people to get together and experience an event, the Nzo Moonride is hard to beat. This year the race returned to its roots, with a longer and more challenging course, and the feedback so far has been really positive. If you are up for the 24 Hour category (like we were; sort of) the thing starts at 10pm on Friday night, and winds inexorably on until the same hour Saturday Night. That is value for money, if sheer volume is how you measure entry fee returns.

Quite a few teams featured riders at the top of the sport, and the competition was tight at the pointy end of all the categories, but the great thing from our point of view was the number of kids having a go.

There can’t be too many other sports events that can be entered by a family, everybody in the same race, on the track with the best in business (also in the same race), and that can include bacon. And eggs. The experience of riding through the darkening campsite with the cooking aromas of various things to eat wafting across the track is unusual in bike races.

Sadly, everything was not perfect. One of the competitors, Andrew Carmichael from Tauranga, died of a heart failure during the event. Our thoughts, and I am sure those of all the riders, supporters, volunteers and the event organisers, are with his family.

Some girls take the occasion seriously. Some girls take the occasion seriously.

010414MR2 Our mate Kate, a very good trackie, entered her second ever mountain bike race, the 6 hour solo. And did pretty well! Very proud of her.




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