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The best shorts I've ever owned, period




Just before the festive season we got a heads-up from an Nzo customer: we received another mention on bikepacking.com

The editors listed their 50 favourite items in a column called “Bikepacking Gear That Lasts: A Gift Guide”.

There is a dizzying variety of things in the list, from stuff to wear to eating aids, cookery things to trailside repair helpers. It is worth a look, even if you don’t bike pack.

There are products there we definitely didn’t know we needed.

Nzo Sifters and Scuffers made the list. They are the only shorts that did.

We are pretty happy about that, because the examples we sent for review are now two and a half years old. They must have made an impression.

Of course, all that is tempered by the fact that since not long after that review, we have been struggling to keep the things in stock.

The best 50 List even mentions that, see above. But as they say, they’re worth the wait.

And in the case of Sifters, the wait is over. We have a new batch ready to go, and they are hustling out the door even though we have only just started telling people about them.

Detail: the photo chosen by bikepacking.com for the Nzo listing shows Scuffers, our street/trail shorts for women. A full size range of that product is still “on the way”, we will yell when they are available.




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